1 Touch Digital Kiosk is a device that encourages customer engagement. It is used to interact with people and its main objective is to ease users to navigate and plan the trip around the city and to know more about the location they are presently in. Along with a generalized function, it also has a customizable function to enhance the brand value and generate profit for the involved business.

We, at MeriCity, are committed to helping our clients reach their branding goals, personalizing their experiences, providing an innovative environment, and making a difference. We value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own teams, and ensure the best value is obtained from their budget.

Where to employ?


A great self-service tool for your guests. More people using the kiosk means a quicker return on investment and more satisfied customers


It has the potential to enhance substantial visibility and offers brands a low-cost option for marketing their goods or services


Without involving staff, 1 Touch can help accelerate patient check-in and check-out. As a corollary, more time is allocated for employees to deliver tailored services


Providing tourists with up-to-date information to ensure they get the most out of their visit to the city, 1 Touch is the ultimate way to explore and enjoy any destination

What is Unique with Us?

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